Cruise stranded by virus fears ends with roses in Cambodia
14-2-2020 5:54 PM
bw2013 said:
Hun Sen could do this because he rulez Cambodia with an iron fist since 1985. Thats a fricking 35 years, the longest serving Prime minister on the planet. How many of you in this forum have even been born 35 years ago?

He was once a trooper in the vaunted Khmer Rouge. The guys who put Cambodia on World Map with Killing Fields genocide of a million Cambodians.

Try docking in neighbouring Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia and see if the citizens will rise up and RIOT before the ship ever enter their territorial waters.

Anyway, kudos to the Cambodians for this act of raw bravery.

He was supposedly only to govt for awhile and run a election. I guess he got elected perpetually. Lol

Doing some good so he can eventually retire quietly and peacefully.
In Japan is totally different story, infected or not people all want to leave the ship ASAP...the longer they stay on the ship, the higher the chance they get infected.
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14-2-2020 5:45 PM
bw2013 said:
This is either The Love Boat or the Ghost Ship

Only time will tell

You seem to be unhappy about Cambodia's action?
14-2-2020 5:25 PM
.(0)-(0) said:
Hun Sen is a very smart guy. Not only he showed his integrity and full support for China he also seized the golden opportunity to bring world attention to his little country. I'm sure tourism will boom in future with this goodwill and free global advertisement.

He is lucky, vietnam help him to destory Pol Pot in only 5 days, after that China attacked them at the north, this battalion of elite soldier quickly rush to the north to fight with millions of chinese soldier n within a few days the chinese soldiers withdraw back to their own land, In that cambodia battle Hung sen was injured on the left eye, he was 1 eye Jack for years.
This Hung Sen is no different with Najib his son in Australia own many property n sport cars....heard he hired killer to murder his strong political opposition opponent, he within few days setup n register more than 20 dormant puppet short.he won the election by dirty tactics...
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