Customer kpkb $14 for the rice, fish & vege from vivocity kopitiam
13-3-2018 2:36 PM
Kurusamy said:
Kurusamy says:

Food Republic is the best. Cheap and delicious.

Actually, go to food court to eat is quite stupid regardless of Kopitiam, Food Republic or Koufu. Why? Because these company will get at least 20% of the revenue from those hawkers that rent from them. So, all these foods are marked up at least 25% to cover for this clause.
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Toa Payoh Central Blk 79 kopitiam chicken rice only $2.00, drumstick $3.00 thumbs up
only blur like sotong emperor kid brother, sotong emperor more blurrer
That is restaurant price, food court is charging more than restaurant price
Fish when cooked and sold outside is expensive even if they are of lower quality. Most are from fish farm. This fish is also more expensive during Chinese New Year period.

Good quality pomfret when cooked can be sold at $100 plus during Chinese New Year.
I prefer steam fish than fried.
Because we will know if fish is fresh or not.
How come the receipt printed 2x chicken $5.50??
I dunno why people make such a is common sense to ask the price if the item deem expensive.

At the same time these operators should display the price clearly
vivocity alot of tourist... enough said.
Never order seafood at economic rice stall. Sinkies should know this already.

btw, the foodcourt at vivocity is quite famous for high price, isn't it?
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