Data Safeguard by Public Agency.
I wonder if you guys in Singapore will generally watermark your ID or other supporting documents for online application submission of service/permit to public agency. The watermark is to indicate for what purpose those documents are used for and to safeguard them from being misused for other purposes. I recently read the news of data breach in public agencies such as SingHealth, Mindef, Hivleak and few more which really sent shivers down my spine.

I am from the neighboring country and I had done a permit application online last year through the public agency kiosk where all my supporting documents including the ID are captured as images through the camera attached to the kiosk. I am sure there are no digital watermarks being stamped on those captured document images. Back in my country, we are advised to cross/watermark the ID and documents for application submission as I think the ID faults are relatively common and there are integrity issues with people handling the personal data.

I am concerned/worried if personal data is safeguard well with good policy and practices in public agency in Singapore and as well as the organization that provides services to the public agency. Hopefully, there is no cause for concern.

Thank you

Just wondering why there is no one gives comment,opinion or thought on this after 200+ clicks.

Thank you.
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