Deng Xiao Ping's worthless promise to Lee Ka Shing
fark those Henderson and LiKaShing and Kwok brothers la...they are Monsters and biggest gangster of Hongkong because they are the one who secretly sponsor the Students Streets Violent...nobody knows this little secret
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8-7-2019 4:31 PM
.(0)-(0) said:
China is keeping its promise. HK is still 1 country 2 systems isnt it?

HK hanjians is the one trying to change the system by demanding for democracy and independence which China never promise.
Yes, that right China never promised U.K. n the whole western world Hong Kong goes independent. The western world want HK to stand up against China/Beijing.
8-7-2019 3:04 PM
Obamao said:

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the problem arise is caused by chin ignorance.

it is a mistake make by china. we can track by the history in 1997 hk return to return to china.

china should not alloow uk appoint a CEO. this 彭定康(此鬼) Bye use to suport uk ideology.. to support 1 country 1 system. Laughing

this become the today problem(心中刺) that follow the western mater.. (riot democracy).

the ceo should appoint by china. to support china ideology under 1 country 2 systems.

this apply to same to Taiwan problem. 058

in fact china no need 武统。

ic can go to the 和平統一。 to 蔡英文govt sapoint a new person to form a govt system with 人民解放軍撒station 岸外.

to support the new person to form a govt. to support china ideology(china societal belief) Big smile

try the 文1st. if cannot then 武follow up.

in this way, it will not make 鄧小平break the promise and to fix 先人mistake.. Laughing

if文can work, 皆大欢喜。不必伤了和气。back to 和平統一
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23-5-2020 5:05 PM
Obamao said:
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