Deutsche bank staff leaving the office after give an envelope
I think we read it wrongly. Our money is Credit + Int. There is no spoon.
So this might be just for getting STUFFs from slaves dat you.
Think abt it there no benefits for Banskters to just expand credits + int to infinity.
So you expand and then u contract. Slaves have no chance to escape.
There is no money.

As a slave if u want to be successful u must take care of the 2 grps of people.
Slaves must stampede for the process towards STUFFs.
12-7-2019 11:06 AM
wendychan said:
Bankers getting a taste of their own medicine

normally, retrenchment starts with banking industry.
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12-7-2019 7:48 PM
sticw said:
If 1mth for every 1 year of service, they can endure a year or two without a job. If recession is short, just nice take break and get another banking job during recovery stage. Can even get a better paying job then..

Yes probably many will take a very short break, clear up the house, do some exercises, list down all the costs and chop it off. And hopefully can get a bank jobs asap.
Nowadays 1 month for 1 year , usually cap at 12 months compensation might not be able to last for 6 months if expenses are very high.
12-7-2019 8:05 PM
lauren said:
normally, retrenchment starts with banking industry.

From what I heard from friends working in the banking industry, even if they get a bank job, it will usually be contract basis, few perm positions, even for PMETs.
Contracts usually only for every 6 months. So easy to ask you to go if the bank don't need your service anymore anytime anyminutes.
credits who took. Cool

[Image: v2sV9JS.jpg]
13-7-2019 10:42 AM
Blin said:
credits who took. Cool

[Image: v2sV9JS.jpg]

Wah, all foreign tr@shes
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