Did Brazil president just woke up his idea or because he not paid enough?
If his hold on power is strong, he wont have to make these kind of public excuse statements. my guess is he is coming under tremendous pressure for standing together with trump because now the dems are looking for blood, esp after the insurrection. his enablers, local and foreign, are now seen as anti-dems and they are taking it personally.

we must make sure our pro-trump camp in singapore don't too high profile these few days leading up to the inauguration, let other countries test teh water first, like those in the 5 eyes.
US just gave him US$1 billion subsidies. He said Brazil is broke.


"Brazil is broke, boss, I cannot do anything," the former army officer said, responding to one of the supporters who greeted him in front of his official residence in the capital Brasilia.

"I wanted to modify the tax reduction table, but there was that press-fuelled virus that we have there, that press without any character," Bolsonaro said.
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