Die lah die lah....CV19 becomes CV21
German Lawyer wants the matter to move to Nuremberg2.0
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From now on, EVERY YR will have Covid, becos every condition will be blamed on it! Rolling on the flor laughing
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8-4-2021 11:59 AM
Sentinel said:

Even vaccination also no pt liao

Think better run to the hills and hide

All vaccinated are fooled and cheated by gov, now have to worry when long time side effects will come?
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CV19 becomes CV21, CV22, CV23,......CV40, CV50, CV90.................................
No need la. All along it is wuhan virus. No need change year.
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stinv (stink) because he is too stupid.
New Texas mutant found.

Researchers in Texas Discover Antibody-Resistant Strain of Coronavirus
Quote:“We do not at present know the full significance of this variant, but it has a combination of mutations similar to other internationally notifiable variants of concern,” GHRC chief virologist Ben Neuman said in a press release put out by the university.

“This variant combines genetic markers separately associated with rapid spread, severe disease, and high resistance to neutralising antibodies,” he added.

The scientist indicated that BV-1 has so far been found in only one individual, and said researchers did not grow or test the virus “in any way,” with the finding “based purely on the genetic sequence analysis done in the lab.”
What had China done this time again?
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Yesterday 11:51 AM
David Rasif said:
What had China done this time again?

China screwed humanity. Crying
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stinv (stink) because he is too stupid.
Smart virus mutates until vaccines cannot recognize.. 5 .
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