Doctor on Sunday ride badly injured in accident with taxi
I avoid walking on the roads. I have lots of nice cool looking face masks but nowadays too lazy to wear them.


15-3-2019 4:55 PM
wendychan said:
lol. same as walking on road and breathing in fumes....
no family life
15-3-2019 1:28 PM
debono said:
But our government encourages us to be healty and stay healthy.....also riding a bicycle is a good form of aeroboic exercise, and it good for the lungs and heart. Therefore to forefeit the joy of riding a bicycle is a great sacrifice. Motorists should exercie caution when at close proximity to cyclists, as they are the ones who does not have mechanical protection.... Thinking Thinking Thinking

There are many forms of exercise but one must weigh the benefit of a good workout with the level of risk involved. There is no need to go to extraordinary length to participate in an activity because of dumb passion. Driving on the road is stressful enough and to add an extra dimension of complexity may just be the extra bit of ingredient to spoil someone's day at the cost of your own health.

Recreational cycling may be encouraged but when cyclists intrude into the fast lane the risk-reward proposition changes. These cyclists are not some poor folks who can't afford public transport and has to rely on bicycles to go from point A to B. People frequently underestimate danger on the road. While cyclists may have the right to road sharing, they have more to lose than anyone else.
Cyclist only mah ..nevermind lah thumbs up
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