Dow hits 27k. My stock hack 4.
Buy. What u waiting for
When Dow breaks 20k did u buy?
Next time Dow, hit 30k, u ask yourself at 27k where are u
Dude ...

How many times have to tell you all ?

When the USD and EUR were QEs and losing the global reserve currency reference point,
all these DOW index have already gone haywire.

The world has 2 reserve currencies ( 64% + 24.5% ) adding new USD and EUR Money Supply at USD$3.3 Trillion + EUR$3.3 Trillion + ( BREXIT GBP$3.3 Trillion maybe in Oct-2019 Big Grin )

but their Central Bankers said ... they are trying very HARD to hit the 2.0% Inflation rate ... hahaha

Then ... suddenly US Fed or US Treasury has a $750 billion World Reserve currency Mahjong Chip missing.
Dropped from $4.07 Trillion to $3.3 Trillion. Not sure what is the latest figure !

Perhaps these $750 billion is the new Budget in the Defense/Offense Military Budget of $700 billion last year they approved.

Or the $750 billion to buy up more STOCKs or 1997-Currency Financial War attacks onto foreign nations like Venezuela, Iran, Syria, etc ...

So ... tell us, WHERE is the global Reserve currency REFERENCE Point now ?

You have a 5.0V measurement but the 0.0V reference point is below -15.0V spot. Big Grin ( Sounds like Negative Interest Rate program in Europe or UK )

The actual voltage is 20.0V lah, Friend. Big Grin

All US Fed, ECB, BoE, BoC have to increase interest rates by another 5%.

Otherwise, Jewish bankers and Congressmen from
Allan Greenspan,
Ben Bernanke,
Janet Yallen,
Jerome Powell and

next new US Fed Chairman and their backers would lose the entire game forever.

Multiplying factor would rise to 1 / 64.

Global currencies and Stock Exchanges would BREAKAWAY from the linkage with NYSE, CME, LSE, LME, ICE, FSTE, ....

Stop accepting or using USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, CAD, AUD, SEK for 2 years.
Yearly trade volume keep at below $5 billion.

When US Fed or ECB or BoE or BoC is approving to QE,
that is equivalent to increasing and raising the CREDIT LIMIT of the US, EU28, UK, Canada Federal government credit cards.

Ronald Reagan 1987, Alan Greenspan, Bill Clinton

"The Warning": Sneak Peek 1

"The Warning," airing Tues, Oct. 20, 2009

FRONTLINE examines the long road that led Brooksley Born to her post as the chairperson of the federal regulatory agency

Commodities Futures Trading Commission, CFTC

—a position that pit her directly against the president's pro-business, anti-regulation economic powerbrokers, including

Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan.

In the devastating aftermath of the economic meltdown, FRONTLINE sifts the ashes for clues about why it happened and examines critical moments when it might have gone much differently.

Looking back into the 1990s, veteran FRONTLINE producer/director Michael Kirk
("Inside the Meltdown," "Breaking the Bank")

discovers early warnings of the crash, reveals an intense battle among high-ranking members of the Clinton administration and uncovers a concerted effort not to regulate the emerging, highly complex and lucrative derivatives markets that would become the ticking time bomb within the American economy.



HAPPINESS ??? === > Entrapment + Enslavement

Which sgx stock is good to ride up? List here. My top pick is property stock. Not those local property stocks because of cooling measures.
A old uncle ask me. Is it good to pay off your property?

I told him. Money paid off property has zero value. Because u can't multiply it. At end off 99 Yr lease, your hdb is zero.

But he say can rent out. I told him, u can rent out even if u don't pay off your property.

But inflation has gone up and you're property value has gone down. Then u lose by paying off your property.
20 years ago, it make sense to have money in the bank and pay off your property. Today, with cheap loans, u cannot make enough by putting money in the bank.

U are not making use of low interest to make money. Interest in the bank today is peanuts.

The financial education from Harvard U, NYU, Cambridge U, Columbia U, U of Toronto, Yale, Penn State or U of Penn, Stanford U, LSE, ... LME, CME, Uof Chicago, U of Kansas, Connecticut ... &

Drunk, R. Kiyo-Sake

is Owe someone's MONEY, DON'T REPAY the CREDITORs ... Big Grin over 15+ years ... and their I.O.U. still have high purchasing power of Credit cards $$$$$$$$$ .

To increase GDP = DEBT at all causes.

Increase INFLATION RATE ... Inflation is YOUR GOOD FRIEND !

Or use Negative Interest Rate Big Grin , ZIRP

And QE .... new USD, EUR, GBP, CAD Money Supply to enlarge 42% new Global DEBT size.

1.) But what is Positive Inflation rate ?
2.) But what is ZERO Inflation rate ?
3.) But what is Negative Inflation rate ?

Higher DOW Futures, Nasdaq Futures, S&P Futures ??? Bitcoin Futures / Options / Swaps , ?

=== Higher national's Credit Card limit !


US Federal Reserve Note :


In God We Thrust !


Bank of England Pounds

I Promise To Pay The BEARER On DEMAND The Sum of .... Pounds.


Governor Reserve Bank of Australia, Secretary to the Treasury,

This Australian Note is LEGAL TENDER
Throughout Australia and It's Territories



3 types of Gold tradings ...

1.) SPDR Gold Shares

= USA(GLD), Mexico(GLD),
Singapore(GLD 10US$), Japan(1326), HongKong(2840)

2.) Gold Bullion Securities

= Germany(GG9B), Netherland(GBS), Italy(GBS), UK(GBS & GBSS), France(GBS).

3.) ETFS Physical Gold

= USA(AGOL), Germany(VZLD), Netherland(PHAU), Italy(PHAU), UK(PHAU & PHGP), France(PHAU), Australia(Gold), South Africa(New Gold)

SGX is involved too in trading Electronic GOLD, (SPDR Gold Shares).

[ Singapore(GLD 10US$), HongKong(2840) ]

That means MAS Chief, Menon must be "layoff and terminated" due to his carelessness and accountability in endangering the CPF members !


Now you know why your cpf is locked up like forever?
It’s just one big farking world for one human kind.
Is this the reason why the Pro China IB so quiet today? If the Chinese stock markets hit new highs, they would probably flood this forum..

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