Dr Lee Wei Ling strike again...
18-5-2019 4:54 PM
wendychan said:
lol wanna copy me, please act least make sense,. ugly bitch you

lol wanna copy me, please act least make sense,. ugly bitch you
18-5-2019 4:55 PM
wendychan said:
all hail
kiss, lick and scrap

all hail
kiss, lick and scrap
oh not very original. doing what i have been doign for years with EXBB

waht sort of boot licker IB are you?
The most popular meaning of FOOK is: F uck

Vigilante uncle Placebo got to put wendy chan in her place coz he is afraid of an old, ugly bit@h witch...scared + jealous of what?
18-5-2019 1:29 PM
Billionaire said:
[Image: lee-hsien-loong-fix-opposition.jpg?w=830&h=467]

Let me simplify
The Pimps Minister cannot let any other Alternative Party into Parliament as this will hinder him from fixing the dumbfarks Carrotheads because he has to focus his attention on oppies
Talk about lack of multitasking capability Laughing
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16-5-2019 9:17 AM
Migrant said:
Family matters outsiders just watch.
Their kevel leveling on who have more say n or final saywho will or can win lohh...think so.
18-5-2019 2:40 PM
Lukongsimi said:
Family disputes common case.

Jealous of each other.
Lukongsimi "Common case".
Something more then that.
Still water run deep.
18-5-2019 3:39 PM
sukhoi35 said:
Cannot understand what went wrong..

As a lawyer, How can LKY made such silly mistake in his will?

Was it very difficult for him to express his last wish?

A few millions more or less means nothing to them so, its time to close the case.
If can close case. Why Ah Loon sis still shooting back.... fight
18-5-2019 3:51 PM
You cannot stop family politics from biting you even if you are LKY. What can you really do if your own flesh and blood are self-serving and mercenary towards each other? You appointed your utterly useless son to be the PM even though you knew he will harm Singapore. That already tells us that you can't even control your own family because you are extremely partial towards them.

Ya. This fight is a matter for the three LKY children. Who win?. Win or lose can oso partly effecting Singapore,
n behind is their respective spouse n oso their family children can oso somewhat can be effected. So this family quarrel in this famous family will alway be of public interest to ordinary folks.
Tiobo?...right. Big Grin
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