EXBB: I will die for my country
15-3-2019 8:25 AM
7Best said:
Exbb vulgar prata king. 245

Same as the JHK trash century.

Everytime open his shity mouth to call other as dogs, then rolling on the ground to cry foul on others for "personal attack". Laughing

dream team of trash = EXBB + century + tiutiu
15-3-2019 12:14 PM
Migrant said:
What a kind soul. Cats also have heart and lungs. These organs are missing in some humans here.

Look at the cat’s tail, it said leave me alone
19-8-2018 8:00 PM
debono said:
EXBB is so rich he can run to anywhere in the world. While we stay behind to defend the little red dot..........

Shh...exbb will only die for one little hole (onewhole). Crying
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