Early Bird Mooncake Special
Promotion for The Pine Garden Early Bird Mooncake Special.

(2) types of packaging 
  1. Premium Packaging (Online & retail purchase)
  2. General Packaging (Retail purchase only)


Mooncake Ordering starts on 6th August

If you placed an order by 20th August, you can enjoy:

Early Bird Special: 15% off discount (Premium packaging
Early Bird Special: 10% off discount (General packaging

advance order for mooncakes will be 3 days!

Early-bird promotion is valid for all Mooncakes (excluding Mini Mooncakes, La-Gao, Pea Cakes)
diam diam lah chubby fat fark
not cheap.
still very expensive after those discount.
still better go jb to buy.
very cheap compare to spore.
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