Eight lions in Indian zoo test positive for COVID-19 !!
Wear your face mask at all time
Keep 1.5m social distancing

Those 8 lions should obey the sign board..
More like once vax becomes Factory churning out different mutant ninja turtles.
Some say transmission Electromagnetic contactless.
Me think toxicity increases body microbes mati. Cells make more bacterium.
Bacterium mati worse liao, more toxicity.The cycle repeat and repeat like eveready batt advertisment.
Get going and going and going.
Let’s welcome more Indians to sg with open legs...
Human don't have enough test kits. They go and test lion.

Really neh!

You can't cheat and than be holy.
PCR cannot be used.
You must put your hand on the Holy and repeat after me.
"I say nothing but the truth so help me God".
In India, if MOH issued face masks to each lion, then, there will be a shortage of face mask for front line hospital staff.

1.3 bn people in India will panic each time, they see lion appears wearing mask..

Thats why each lion family only entitled to 4 masks.
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