Erection & ejaculation coming?
If you look back at US presidents, one was good with words and the other good with delivering.

Obama can talk well but did not deliver. He is well liked.

Trump delivers and terrible with words. He is not liked by many influential people. Many road blocks are placed in his way.

Trump got back the jobs that Obama said wouldn't return to US.

Sometime, some untested opposition may be able to well exceed the results of the present gov.
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Once brain laundry done, ejaculation will be achieved.
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Today also reported that Govt has SHAPE program for Citizenship application. Maybe only 5 mins in duration?

SO WHAT? If the Bad/ Lousy/ Not Needed PRs & New Citizens are not removed for cleaning up of their policy mistakes?

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Singapore is like a Welfare State for FTs to come here.
15-1-2020 11:34 AM
Alice Alicia said:
using one company as scapegoat when most are doing it.

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More and more companies are discriminating citizens.

PA P's wayng to Enforce is 5 years too late?
Singapore is like a Welfare State for FTs to come here.
15-1-2020 9:11 AM
Oda Tetsuro said:
Wah...very efficient....Thank you PAP!

Flexway aka Schroder aka CockLIAR, aka Rat28, how ah? True or not?

24-12-2019 10:11 PM
flexway said:

9-1-2020 4:02 PM
The Godfather said:

10-1-2020 9:01 AM
Schroder said:

12-1-2020 8:21 AM
rat28 said:
Erection coming, just pretend to work.
Catch a small company and blow it big in media and many people believe the world class control media.
Just do it every 5 years, cycle repeat again and again.
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Wow! Every having hard on.
Prata Action Pimps are collaborating with foreigners to extract wealth from dumbfarks Carrotheads
That is the reality
erection in Mar
19-1-2020 7:21 AM
sudoku said:
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Wow! Every having hard on.

Others = Aliens?

Who source for this info. Gov or press?
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