GCT says Edwin Tong sacrifices alot as a SMS....
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Never argue with someone who believes their own lies.
What does a mos do???
His job scope and his KPI??
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national service is a privilege
How come the ST article never mention about gct wanting elderly to work as $1k table cleaner????!!!

But seriously thumbs up to our bro Abdul aziz who dared to ask the tough questions during the meetup session..
8-8-2018 9:25 AM
just2share said:
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this guy forever look at monetary or money only? Edwin $2M/yr is 1 yr only or average of last 10 yrs?...... Laughing Bye
What is the Govt paying woody so much to do what?
Tomorrow will be better than Today
Edwin Tong 2 million salary came from Con Hee money.
As a PaP MP becos of huge legal fee from City Harvest Con Hee, he make at least 5 mill from Con Hee money.
Being a SMS becos of the title, he has intangible benefit over other lawyers, that why he charges a higher fee.
Being MOS means he cannot continue his lawyer business already right?? Or part time MOS also can meh?
Oh ya. He found a hole in our law to lessen con hee accountability if I am Not wrong.
Brilliant! What a big sacrify... Rolling on the flor laughing
Laughing make a lot for con hee liao
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