Gilbert Goh : Man collapses outside AXA building
15-2-2020 11:47 AM
Alice Alicia said:
is there a mask that allows you to do
Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? Big smile

Use your anus and fart some air. No need mask. ( just joking otherwise Everyday people are stressed out over this covid 19)
Tomorrow will be better than Today
Maybe he wants free medical service.
Tomorrow will be better than Today
No update, likely not under COVID-19 case, maybe heart attack , heat stroke, low sugar...
15-2-2020 11:54 AM
Alice Alicia said:
i bet you will still do it
if a pretty girl** fainted. Laughing

walaneh! Big Grin
Bro, you can have the honour lah! thumbs upWinking
Blow into her mouth lah! 245
That Bert saw UFO again. Scare until pengsan.
14-2-2020 4:56 PM
sgbuffett said:
[Image: 7MpzNih.png]

Gilbert Goh
50 mins ·
Just received this photo but don't know if it's related to the Corona viruses...

If you are out there and saw this incident, please update us here.

Let's not spread panic...

Stay safe Singaporeans!

This Gilbert always talk cock. Can on one hand advise others Let's not spread panic and the other hand resending photo of man fainted on the road not knowing head or tail and whether it was related to COVID.

Something wrong with his brain.

Might as well post a funeral and say don't know if it's related to the Corona viruses...

[Image: 20191119_funeral_unsplash.jpg]
Prara Gilbert , pls go look for good news to lift up our spirits
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