Gojek launches taxi booking feature, starts ESG reporting ahead of expected listing
INDONESIAN ride-hailing startup Gojek on Tuesday announced the launch of GoTaxi, a dedicated feature which will enable commuters to book taxis in Singapore via the firm's eponymous app, starting from next week.

Through the GoTaxi option within the app, riders will be matched to taxis exclusively and pay a metered fare rather than a fixed one. An estimated fare range will be shown at the point of booking.

The new taxi booking feature will bring additional benefits to both riders and drivers alike, said Gojek in a press statement on Tuesday.

With an enlarged driver pool comprising more drivers, commuters will enjoy greater ride availability and improved wait times on the app platform. The complimentary personal accident insurance currently applied to all trips on GoCar extends to GoTaxi riders as well.

On the other hand, Gojek says GoTaxi will offer taxi drivers greater flexibility and increased earning opportunities, with the additional option of metered fare jobs on top of the fixed fare jobs they currently receive through GoCar.
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