Grant of up to S$1,000 to PMD
9-11-2019 7:13 AM
Sentinel said:
Why you say they are ah beng? PMD not cheap ok
I see many office workers riding PMD to work in CBD and many ride PMD for the last mile to and fro mrt

Housewives fetch their kids to and from school

These are not ah bengs

Just because you dun ride PMD because you dun know how to ride bicycle or motorbike, no need to here one broom sweep all ok not

can buy max 10km/hr PMA

it was a speed limit mistake from the start
[Image: amaprecomm_1a.jpg]
Government give $3.5m to match $3.5m from food delivery companies to help the food delivery riders.

What about the elderly cardboard collectors and cleaners who have to struggle to survive?
Taking tax payers money to solve the problem they created ... hey nothing new

[Image: PYjGaSH.jpg]
PRC ktv* hostess once told me "台湾人无情, 香港人无义,新加坡人无稚" dance dance
$600 for bicycle? Government want to give them Brompton?

Giant selling reasonably good bike for $150.

Is this prudent use of taxpayer's money to give so much money?

I'm still riding my 15 year-old bicycle bought for $75...brand Aleoca.
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