Half Singaporeans
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Jessica Henwick isn’t quite a household name yet – but the Surrey-born half-Singaporean actress is set to whip our screens into shape as one of the Sand Snakes in the upcoming season of HBO’s Game Of Thrones. Henwick plays the daughter of the super-awesome Oberyn Martell, Nymeria Sand, and if the bloodlines work out well onscreen, Nymeria and her sisters are set to kick some real ass onscreen in season 5.

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Sophie Willocq is half French half Singaporean Chinese
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Mark, half Australian half Singaporen
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Max Brown is an Asian Australian actor (half Chinese-Singaporean / Anglo-Australian) known for his television roles as Robin Dawal in Neighbours
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Jessica Gomes, half Portuguese half Singaporean
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She's half French/Singaporean. She knows how to speak French as she grew up there as a child. The rest of her teenage years were spent in Singapore.
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Tien Chong is one of seven artists on Hunan Television's Singer 2018 - a competition for professional singers, but hardly anyone has heard of her before her debut on the show on Jan 12.

Her father is Singaporean and mother is British, released her first single and album in November last year, just two months before she joined the competition.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/lif...of-9892688
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David Savage is a half Singaporean, half British cycling enthusiast who grew up in Pakistan. He has been teaching English in Bangkok for the past two years.
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Joshua Tong, half American half Singaporean
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Not sure how many out there are half Singaporeans, likely a lot thumbs up
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