Heng Swee Keat proffered brave but ultimately empty words
So far, correct me, I never see a mp or minister resign due to lapses.... Thinking
"Those seem like brave words. But unfortunately, they were also empty ones. "

Same feeling. Action speaks louder but see none
All cannon smoke no cannon balls.
Looks like Ha Nei Mah Effect will follow our 4G leaders...... Surprised
Ah Heng , LKY right hand man. Chinese language very atas, best person to lead. Very calm by nature. Heng Heng we got Heng.
10-2-2019 2:22 PM
serinagoddess said:
[Image: 701236.jpeg]

In the Straits Times today (9 Feb), Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat was quoted as saying that “if the lapse shows that the leader has been slack, negligent or incompetent, then serious consequences must follow, including removal”.

He had exhibited his most unprecedented incompetence and negligence in the CECA agreement akin to Malaysia water agreement for 100-years @ 3 sen. He failed miserably in protecting the interests of Singaporeans to a point of no return. If any minister is to be removed he should be the first!

[Image: LE38WKs.jpg]

[Image: GUd1XwL.jpg]
All leaders are good leaders!
11-2-2019 7:58 AM
hfourhappy said:
How about Aloy case?
Why top still holding to the job comfortably?

All these are routine talk only. Since when they were so kind n compassionate?
Because we have good leaders that's how we get to where we are today. We uphold our strong steady $. Peace, and integrity. We are not perfect, but 70/100 is good results.
We must be forgiving, benevolent and pick up the pieces to move on. We pray very hard that they will learn and be good leaders.

Have we faulted the one who approved the National Day that cannot be use as NDP venue? On top of that, we are paying millions, yearly, for it and by the end of the payment, would have paid about $2 billion for it.

Have we resolved the maritime issue?

Have we faulted the one that finalised the CECA agreement?

We should take it lying down and continue to move on.
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