Ho ching wisdom
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You can have a Very Educated High Ranking Minister and yet claim cotton come from sheep.
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One can be smart yet lack the wisdom.

She is trying to act smart or act wise?

Rolling on the flor laughing
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u can be in the million dollar salary bracket and still beri stupid Laughing
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u can be a man and still married to lee sian long Laughing
18-10-2020 1:28 PM
debono said:
To-date we still do not know the Salary of Ho Ching....... Surprised Surprised Big smile Big smile

One day someone may leak out
Secret can’t hide forever
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18-10-2020 1:29 PM
Lukongsimi said:
One day someone may leak out
Secret can’t hide forever

Sometime in the future. When LHL is no more in power?
Tomorrow will be better than Today
18-10-2020 1:36 PM
Oldman said:
She is worse
An idiot with no intelligent, losing billions of taxpayer money.
If not for opening her legs to pinky
She can be the CEO meh?
How much has she lost?
If others surely asked to leave immediately.
Freaking CBM....

What is CBM?
He/she can be smart. but also can be dishonorable
You may have a degree and a scholar and still lose $billions in investment
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