Hong Kong can like that for how long ?
14-8-2019 6:08 PM
cowrider said:
I think they are showing signs of riot fatigue.

most likely.
probably hkg authorities are buying time n wait for this day to happen.
These youngsters had no idea what they are or will be facing, they are merely pawns made to create havoc to China, if they keep raising the level of this riot and lost control killing someone innocent, they are forcing the PLA to step in, and if that happens many of them will lose their lives, China government don’t have that kind of patience for coaxing, just take a look at the Tiananmen incident and you will know that the China government has zero tolerance for riots and is ruthless enough to kill

Maybe this is what the black hand behind really wanted; forcing China to make this decision and make the world condemned them
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if the feel fatigue n frighten, then go back home.
the lesser demo, it will make hkg police job easy to arrest those instigators.
The visitors are getting very upset at the brainless
and shameless young rioters.
International opinion is switching to support ending
the riot despite main stream media still try to portray
as democracy movement.

Most insulting to HK rioters is Trump is telling ppl to keep
clam as PLA is preparing to enter HK .
It more or less confirm there is a fight between
deep state rival fractions.

Riot could end by Sept but HK will not be the same any more.
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