Hong Kong's Joshua Wong denies he is a separatist
大鸡院 got celebration ah?

香港众志秘书长、示威运动代表人物黄之锋周一 (9月9日) 在柏林联邦议会的屋顶餐厅出席德国媒体《图片报》酒会活动时与德国外长马斯 (Heiko Maas) 见面,谈论到香港街头示威的情形,及香港人民希望争取双普选与民主的诉求。 黄之锋还在推特中提到,接下来几天预计会与一些德国联邦议员见面。

they met officially in a meeting for full discussion......thumbs up

6-9-2019 3:50 PM
century said:
欧盟欲与台湾建交? 朝野施压默克尔


德国社民党联邦议会党团的外交政策发言人施密德(Nils Schmid)日前透过《世界报》呼吁,默克尔在中国访问时应该明确无误地向北京当局表明,“暴力镇压(香港的)示威活动,不管是通过香港还是大陆的安全力量,对我们来说都是不可接受的。

HK people "protest" getting global support now....not only end of this month will have a global support day....
EU, Europe & germany also show their support to HK people....warn china consequences if they do stupid things...
they support HK democratic, human right & freedom against communism, force, inhumanity.....
the scale will grow in time.....if US approve 香港民主人權法 & remove HK as free trade.....will see the momentum globally...
eventually when china economy crash, will see tons of prc try to run out of china....but not many will receive them instead, many western world will send those prc in their country back to china....
just do it fearlessly together.... thumbs up Rolling on the flor laughing
Europe Us and other countries who have no rights to butt in the internal affairs of another nation going to create WW3.
Tomorrow will be better than Today
11-9-2019 12:13 PM
century said:



human right is not internal affair.....whole world should morally support....
50 yrs unchanged...full autonomous....HK supposed to have election from yr 2007 to elect their own leader, not appointed by china...till today....who by force?.... thumbs up Rolling on the flor laughing

US should side with protesters in HK, says Mattis

Former US defence secretary James Mattis said anti-government protests in Hong Kong were "not an internal" Chinese matter and that the US should offer at least moral support to the demonstrators.

US should generally side with those standing up for human rights, which he said included the Hong Kong protesters.

Mr Mattis said a controversial proposed law allowing people in Hong Kong to be extradited to mainland China was in breach of the "one country, two systems" formula under which Britain returned control of Hong Kong to China in 1997.

all these communist dogs can only post rubbish, start personal insult & attack, bullshyt & spam....know nut, no content...real hooligan...... thumbs up Rolling on the flor laughing

.....thumbs up
NED Strikes Again: How Neocon Money is Funding Hong Kong Protests

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