Horizon Towers' $1.1 billion tender sale ends with no takers
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The tender for Horizon Towers - the first major en bloc exercise to close after July's property cooling measures - ended on Wednesday without a single bid.

If the price is lower sure got people buy.
song boh?

Atlanta Fed's Bostic: Rate hikes can continue for several more quarters
Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/bus...s-10719876
Developers wayang la.... later kpkp and will ram again...buy buy buy!
Wow! Last time $500 million now $1.1 billion.
14-9-2018 9:55 PM
Ahmadbaba said:
Developers wayang la.... later kpkp and will ram again...buy buy buy!

u go borrow 1.1 billion lor. Rolling on the flor laughing
Its game over... wait for the next cycle 10yrs from 2018
Next cycle maybe they go for $2.2 billion.
15-9-2018 7:52 AM
theold said:
Next cycle maybe they go for $2.2 billion.

Fed is not so stupid to do QE again.
Wait long long.
If you look at it, if the enbloc goes thru' the profit is minimum at least 100%. Most people will use gearing, so the profit can go up to a few 100s of %.

One thing to note is that there are people who will like to change the Management committee and appoint a marketing agent for enbloc. Once the enbloc price is set, they go about selling at a great discount from the enbloc price.
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