How To Transfer Large Amount of Money Overseas Without Paying Fees?
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Check their rates first. Call and negotiate if amount is large.
12-10-2017 11:09 PM
lvlrsSTI said:
Like this?

[Image: 7782f-zimbabwe-cash-inflation.jpg]

Best idea so far.
[Image: The-Cheap-Way-to-Transfer-Money-Overseas.png]
12-10-2017 11:11 PM
WhatDoYouThink said:

Check their rates first

Why go there? I already have USD with meLaughing
[Image: How-To-Send-Money-Overseas.png]
[Image: Paypal.png]
12-10-2017 11:04 PM
lvlrsSTI said:
Paypal is too expensive Surprised

Paypal? Such a retarded Laughing
[Image: banner.jpg]
12-10-2017 11:12 PM
lvlrsSTI said:
Why go there? I already have USD with meLaughing

In that case there will be a charge.
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