How do you live after your child commits suicide & you never saw it coming?
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Soft truths to keep Singapore from stalling.

Three years after the incident occurred, Collins recounts her 17-year-old daughter’s suicide in this book, weaving in her daughter’s diary entries, personal memories and accounts from the people in her life.

It is three weeks after Vic’s death.

There is no preparing breakfast for Victoria, ensuring that she eats some of it, and that she has brushed her teeth and got dressed.

No waiting at the front door to perform my goodbye ritual of tapping Vic’s backpack for luck and a “Bye, darling, love you,” as she runs down the steps to the school bus. No more will my pleas ring out for her to stop and tie her shoelaces properly.
A suicide 20+girl* jumped near my block young

Its is very important to keep a resilient mind for the kids ..let laugh and that they have the resilient to survive in todays crazy world
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