How do you survive in the office?
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What if the Boss also female? Wendy not happy.
Don't fall prey to such menace vicious colleague.
Stay calm, keep mouth shut, open eye and ear to listen.
Every matters will have an answers and solutions.
Never see yourself no good.
What matter most is one need to get up and ask around or be more intuitive enough to do self search.
Even you encounter people who simply refuses to help you, don't get mad or anger, they are the loser in life.
12-3-2019 9:59 AM
OLT said:
if u want to survive, do more talk less...
if u want to climb, talk more, do less


I see this done by Pinoys often.
. . . . . {No Quota nor levy, no 7 tight criteria on Employment Pass means that all types of slight FTs can replace citizens anytime anywhere. }
I believe in Karma.
Karma will take care to those who have evil intention.
Next day ahead....keep positive...
never fall into those back staber trap.
a leqpord will never change its spots.
remember this by hard.
12-3-2019 10:48 AM
rat28 said:
I actually look forward going to office everyday as I am in a team full of old people.. Always TCSS ..morning check how the financial market is doing , read the news online ,surf the net for interesting stuffs . Tea break and lunch time then talk about vacation ,weekend plan or retirement plan ...afternoon 3pm goes to company gym to work out for 1 hours..4pm prepared to end the day
You are most probably working in the Government Laughing
12-3-2019 8:13 AM
hfourhappy said:
How do you survive in the office?

Watch this clip.

Vicious mouth will try to spread bad remarks on your back.
Stay calm and don't get hot up.
Don't show displeasure nor angry.
Go for a smoke if abit tense.
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