How high should gst be, before govt say it will never raise gst.
4-1-2018 7:51 PM
stockhacker said:
How high is gst before govt say no more.

walaneh! Big Grin
The sky is the limit lah, bro! thumbs upWinking
13-1-2018 7:37 AM
Honestboy said:
The ultra rich and ministers should be proud to pay more taxes. Those earning more than one million a year.


[Image: thumbsup.gif]
13-1-2018 7:43 AM
Honestboy said:
Message to the rulers of Singapore

Don’t keep thinking of taxing the mass, GST IS AN INFLATIONARY TAX, please tax those who deserve to pay more, your elite friends, the ultra rich

[Image: img-bill-gates-and-warren-buffett-school...-o-536.jpg]


And all Foreigners (FTs, SPRs, Letter of Consent . . . )   should pay a fix amount $400/ year for NSS Levy.
Crazy Jac Lau having menopause like a dementia woman again?
Sweden gst is 25%, , on top of more than 30% income tax
Uk gst 20%, income tax is around 40%
Hk is the best , no gst, income tax power than singapore
PAP likely work backwards. If they want 6 months bonus then their KPI would set at $XY billion GDP. So, from 2016 and 2017 . . . .they just raise the %.
Crazy Jac Lau having menopause like a dementia woman again?
7 %  will do!   [Image: thumbsup.gif]
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