How will China's sanctions affect US companies which are selling weapons to Taiwan?
General Dynamics Land Systems : a Subsidiary of General Dynamics

Selling 108 Abrams tanks to Taiwan

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp : another subsidiary of General Dynamics, has more than 65 percent of the market share for large-cabin aircraft in Greater China

Gulfstream Sees Exciting Growth in the China Market
Raytheon Missile Systems Company is a subsidiary of Raytheon Company

Selling 250 Stinger surface-to-air missiles to Taiwan

In June 2019, Raytheon announced the intention to merge with United Technologies to form the Raytheon Technologies Corporation.

United Technologies : commercial businesses — Carrier and Otis — are pioneering intelligent building solutions and services

[Image: f8bc126d97c41972dc130f.jpg]

Collins Aerospace : a unit of United Technologies Corp., is a leader in technologically advanced and intelligent solutions for the global aerospace and defense industry.

[Image: ndtCpVn.png]

Aerostructures : Based in Chula Vista, Calif., Aerostructures provides nacelle systems; flight control surfaces; naval composites; and other material and structural components.

Avionics : Based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Avionics provides commercial and government aerospace avionics systems; cabin management and content systems; information management systems and services; and aircraft sensors. In addition, Avionics provides the aerospace and commercial transportation segments with fire protection and safety systems.
面临制裁的美国军火公司 在中国有什么生意?







因为需要民用市场分摊研发成本,武器装备的制造商同时生产销售民用产品不是什么新鲜事。央视新闻披露,上述 美国通用动力陆地系统公司旗下拥有全世界最大的豪华私人飞机供应商——湾流宇航。 每两年一届的珠海航展上,湾流宇航都很热衷于向中国观众展示私人飞机。 目前中国是湾流宇航第三大市场。 数据显示,该公司去年在亚太地区共有23亿美元营收。军事评论员宋忠平告诉政知见, 通用动力的民用产品所涉及的领域广泛,例如蓄电池、发电厂等电子技术,而这些产品在我国已有代理公司在运营。

《纽约时报》披露, 雷神公司近期正寻求与联合技术公司的航空航天业务合并。而后者与中国有着很多合作:向中国销售飞机发动机、在中国11个城市供应2500部自动扶梯和电梯。 报道称,两个公司的业务合并是上个月宣布的,目前仍需等待两家公司股东的批准。

American politicians are living in the well! Rolling on the flor laughing

China can effectively sanction US companies who sell weapons to Taiwan: experts

The US is deploying a double standard by calling China's proposed sanctions on US companies for arms sales to Taiwan a
Industry insiders warned that these companies' non-military businesses could also be affected. General Dynamics is not only the manufacturer of the M1A2 tank, but also the parent company of Gulfstream, an aircraft company whose private jets are reportedly favored by Chinese billionaires.

Gulfstream is the earliest foreign business jet-maker that entered the Chinese market decades ago and certain types of its jets such as the Gulfstream G650 are now popular among China's wealthiest, a senior executive of a Beijing-based business aviation integrated service provider told the Global Times. He asked not to be fully named.

A business jet is priced between $20 million and $70 million, he said, which means that losing the Chinese market could strike a huge blow to the US company.

Industry insiders said that one of the punitive measures could be ordering Chinese banks and financial institutions to reject loans to transactions related to Gulfstream, as almost all business jets are sold via a mortgage financing model.

Gulfstream's Chinese clients include the founder of Alibaba Jack Ma Yun and Wanda Chairman Wang Jianlin, media reported.

The website of General Dynamics China branch became inaccessible on Sunday.
US defence giant Honeywell distances itself from Taiwan under threat of China sanctions over arms deal

After China’s state media named several US firms allegedly threatened by sanctions over arms sales to Taiwan, American aerospace and defence giant Honeywell has said it had “no input” into the agreement between Washington and Taipei.

Both People’s Daily and state broadcaster CCTV posted an article on their official WeChat channels on Sunday criticising Honeywell, Oshkosh Corporation, General Dynamics and its subsidiary Gulfstream Aerospace for their involvement in the sale of tanks and missiles to Taiwan.
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