I Will Not Die For Singapore
16-4-2019 1:15 PM
Cojuangco said:
Our children will become senators and congressmans of Singapore.
Please protects them Rolling on the flor laughing

we dont want drug deal'a from manil'a

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16-4-2019 12:31 PM
Huliwang said:
Aiyah, all the lao uncles here including myself better be realistic and make necessary contingency plan to run away as soon as there is rumour of war and leave the fighting to the professional soldiers. Who can you fight without any weapons as an old civilian in war? You will be slaughtered by Indon crack troops when they overrun the country like Nanjing massacre when the SAF cannot hold any longer. Your presence will only become a liability and obstacle to the fighting forces. So dun tar tar kio saying you die for the country..... Laughing
If too old better dont run,still got to die any time
Rolling on the flor laughing
What goes around comes around
16-4-2019 8:28 AM
niubee said:
Now i truly know yr love for SG Surprised

Many rich people will consider money thicker than blood.
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