I detected an extra terrestrial being ..very frightening
15-3-2019 7:48 AM
chettiar said:
Take a closer look at the photo, can you spot an extra terrestrial being down there?
[Image: sA57m1Y.jpg]

My 2-yo grand kid saw ET when I brought him to the park. Laughing

When he saw his own shadow on the floor, he started to move his left and then his right leg backward, he found the ET shadow also started moving backward following his legs. He was frightened and cried and climbing up my body. So I got to carry him out of the park.

chettiar had the same experience as my grandson.

Laughing Laughing Laughing
Okok, I admit. I admit!

There was no toilet nearby that’s why I hide behind those bushes to pang sai
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