I think the real reason why Trump bans Huawei
16-5-2019 10:44 PM
sci3Dfx said:
The crucial differentiator about such product is the image sensor (Japanese mostly) and the software. Any other components are easily replaceable. US suppliers are not a key factor in this product category.

Thanks for ur correction. Indeed u r from the tech line.
Long live Trump, thanks for banning Huawei thumbs up
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16-5-2019 10:41 PM
sci3Dfx said:
Mostly Chinese export phones to expansive market like SG, US and Europe use Qualcomm chips. The one for internal use and export to Africa uses Mediatek and local Chinese SoC.

The Micron RAM and SSD can be easily swap with supply from Korea, Japan or Chinese equivalent.

The phones are not the problem. You are not in tech line so you don't understand much. Huawei other business like networking, datacenter equipments probably use Intel or AMD chips plus other components. These are the problem area like ZTE was similarly impact. Huawei did introduced network and datacenter products recently with Chinese sourced components.

The ban is not immediate and Huawei had stockpiled at least 12-24 months supply of US components. This ban will affect US suppliers in the long term as they lose their business and instead cultivate a big market for non US component suppliers.

After ur clear inputs, I have to re-analyse the situation again. That helps a lot.
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