I used to get scam calls on my handphone
26-3-2020 7:14 AM
Notdumb said:
Oic. After I caught u lying now u try to kaypoh. Rolling on the flor laughing

You caught me lying? Or you mean you were caught lying that your wife was a doctor but before that she worked in Breadtalk? No wonder people say, never trust property agents. I would caution anybody here to not and never contact you if they want to sell their house...honesty is not one of your virtues which are already in huge deficit.
26-3-2020 8:02 AM
WhatDoYouThink said:
early morning already pick quarels with so many ppl over such trivial matters. sibeh cia sway leh

You have decided to come up with a new spelling and now it's cia sway? No more xia sway?
25-3-2020 4:59 PM
Huliwang said:
This cannot be scam lah. What money can make from.medical report? May be they found abnormality in your stented heart. Better respond if I were you........ Laughing

Agreed and you are right.
The other party never say I collect from you and you need to transfer money to this this account.
The other party asking him to collect.
He should called up MOM to check and confirm.
Nothing lost.
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25-3-2020 12:00 PM
yuppieboy said:
My advise is for you to hang up the call as soon as possible. Don’t you know technology nowadays allow one to tap information from your phone and also install some Trojan virus in your phone without you knowing while you continue to entertain the call.

My mobile has the caller id.
Usually lah, I wont pick up call that show no names.
Usually and most of the time, I cancel the call and block the number immediately.

Okay and noted for your advise.
Thanks Yup.
25-3-2020 4:48 PM
Lukongsimi said:
Heard she will tell you tioed lucky draw in jb go n collect
Then made appointment n she will scold u if never turn up.
Seldom go jb n never fill up any lucky draw form where got tioed?

Remember there is nothing fee in this world.
25-3-2020 5:14 PM
debono said:
After receiving the call to collect some items, the machine takes over, and a Mandarin speaking woman began to speak, at that moment onwards I hang up the phone. But it is such a nuisance getting these calls every now and then....

Just block the number from your mobile Deb.
26-3-2020 12:28 AM
Lukongsimi said:
Why so sensitive towards what we replied?
Only a machine can make you jump with anger?

26-3-2020 12:30 AM
Schroder said:
Am I being sensitive? Seems like YOU are the one who is being sensitive here...

Ok guys, lets stop here and don’t quarrel ok?
Let’s move on and don’t stuck with this unpleasant argument.
Let’s move on...
26-3-2020 8:22 AM
debono said:
I hope there is no more mudslinging in this forum.... Thinking Thinking Big smile Big smile

Yes come on guys, move on.
Let have more interesting suggestions, thoughts and opinions.
Nowadays idiot also can messages again on increasing trend.
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