I would die for my country!!! I would kill for my country!!!! I would.....
I would walk through fire for my country!!!

I would leopard crawl for my country!!!

I would sow wild oaks for my ocuntry!!!

I would swim the deepest ocean for my country!!!

I would climb the highest mountain for my country!!!

But I will not not do it for PAP!!!!!

Because PAP will never do it for me and my family!!!!!

PAP will never do it for my country!!!!!
Stupidest to support this bunch of PAP politicians to import millions of FTs and FWs to break your fella Singaporeans rice bowl.

How can PAP politicians destroyed own Singaporeans livelihood and their families.?
PAP is doing everything for Foreigners, not for Singaporeans..

PAP demanded and agreed to draw JB water supply from 250 mio gallons to 350 mio gallons a day and yet, been drawing 430 mio gallons becoz PAP welcomes foreigners with open heart. They doing it for 2.5 mio Foreigners.

With increased no. o f FTs and FWs, PAP built desalimation plants also for Foreigners - all these to provide confident and support.

And we, Singaporeans carried and paid the high costs and yet, hit by 30% rate increase.
How come electricity price has been dropping (thanks to disclousre from Hyflux) but Parliament has allowed SP to increase electricity tariffs over those years when electricity price has fallen and is keep falling now

If we sign up to those third party providers and then locked in and SP no need to lower the electricity price even if electricity keeps falling in price because these providers have bought the electricity in bulk over the next decade maybe.....

This is stealing or bluntly put, a CON JOB
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