If Sign Up With CircleLife Or TPG = 10 SMS Only A Mth, How Ah ?
4-5-2021 11:55 PM
NaPoLeon PorLumPar said:
if i need to receive One time Passwords from banks or others then how ah ? Surprised Surprised

or 10 SMS for sending out only.......receive not counted ? Surprised Surprised

received not counted.

in fact, give you 10 sms per month is too much. don't think you need to use any.
5-5-2021 12:21 PM
QE3 said:
You need to install Giga App first.

They accept Mastercard/VISA Credit and Debit cards. Your giga plan subscription renews every month and is automatically charged to your payment method that is registered with your giga line. This way you can be sure that you will always enjoy uninterrupted service!

Many thanks.
Didn't know Giga is the fastest network in Sg. Rolling on the flor laughing

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