India fears Diwali celebrations will bring surge in coronavirus
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As festival season approaches, health experts fear carefree celebrations could undo the country’s modest success of recent weeks.
No need to worry lah. They have already reach the point of no return....
Well, the can cover themselves with shite to prevent ......... errrrrr ....... they already did ...... guess no use
PRC ktv* hostess once told me "台湾人无情, 香港人无义,新加坡人无稚" dance dance
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They have cow urine, cow dung lamp, etc. to protect them! thumbs up
Unnecessary fear lah. Just look at their busses and trains packed to the brim with passengers hanging on doors and sitting on roofs. They are already having Deepavali everyday......... Thinking

They have MODI!

No fear. duntell
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no need to fear it is already everywhere
Cheena Falungong Hanjian 小人 (rat28, century, saffron, TalkingStock, PervertoSan, MrMarket, Obamao, tiunelomo, SAMSENGKIA, AhMoan, sdecww)

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yes they will, dbs employee from India before lockdown, already cough like no tomorrow , came back from India with mouth wide open
Because no lockdown yet, so he basically show off his particular set of skills, even today there are indian in the bank walk around maskless in office ....
I don't know why , but I can only say they are majority they in charge
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They will just blame PaP for not letting 30 million come here to work.
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