Investing in your people
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I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I will do my utmost to keep them alive.
Against tyrants and adversity, I will strive.
Together, a better future, we will realise......
The reality I've seen by board management & managers is training budgets must be well-spent and reap good returns. Why waste several thousands of dollars to train a staff that doesn't generate 2x, 3x,10x or any returns? And guess who gets most of the training budget and training and stay? The board, managers themselves! To them, it doesn't matter if as a result staff underperform and leave - they are expendable, replaceable & contractable. The blame game & scapegoat always fall on the staff. Ever seen the top gets chopped? Nvr! That's why the talented & smarter go & stay with foreign companies always.
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