Iran president warns North Korea : Don't trust Trump

《今日亚洲》 特朗普逼选边 欧盟挺伊朗?20180808 | CCTV中文国际

EU aims to block U.S. sanctions on Iran

The European Union vowed on Monday to counter U.S. President Donald Trump’s renewal of sanctions on Iran, in a test of the EU’s ability to preserve a deal that saw Iran limit its nuclear ambitions in exchange for removing strict curbs on its economy.

As Washington’s so-called “snapback” sanctions are reinstated on Tuesday, a new EU law to shield European companies will also take effect to try to mitigate what EU officials say is their “unlawful” reach beyond U.S. borders.

《新闻今日谈》美制裁伊朗适得其反 中国欧盟拒绝听命美国将继续对伊贸易 东盟战略桥梁作用依然重要 20180807

How India, China and EU weigh in on US' sanctions on Iran

Donald Trump's administration on Monday reimposed a blanket ban on Iran that would effectively prevent any company from doing business with it, by limiting Iran's access to dollar, gold and precious metals.

A day later, on Tuesday, European Union (EU) put in place a statute that would prevent European companies from pulling out of Iran without its authorisation.

China had already made clear its intention not to align with the sanctions — the country being Iran's largest oil buyer. China earlier this year started trading oil futures, a step aimed to make yuan a global commerce currency like dollar.

It will be paying Iran in yuan for oil.

No one trusts America anymore: Iran's FM Javad Zarif

TEHRAN: Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Wednesday it was hard to imagine new talks with the US after it lost the trust of the world with its erratic decision-making.

"Imagine negotiating now -- how can we trust them?" Zarif told reporters on state broadcaster IRINN. "America has zig-zagged constantly, so now no one trusts them."
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10-8-2018 6:17 PM
debono said:
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China says business ties with Iran no harm to any other country

China's business and energy ties with Iran do not harm the interests of any other country, the country's Foreign Ministry said, after U.S. President Donald Trump said companies doing business with Iran would be barred from the United States.
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