Iran warns US 'leave NOW' as warships and bombers bear down on Middle East
24-5-2019 5:25 AM
ag88 said:
the whole world is busy watching the trade war
iran and venezuela are sidekick in this show, quite like commercials
don't think trump dare to touch either iran or venezuela unless he is provoked
as that one is not a trade war but a real war

iran can try to be funny with us aircraft carrier
but first they would be greeted with the CIWS

this game will change if iran attack us aircraft carrier with *cruise missiles* with the objective of causing extensive damage, then trump will be pulled into the war
It the end for Trump which have multi problems n multi faults, faulting n very day, fighting on his own home n on his own home ground.
If nothing happened this week end than once their Ramadan month finished ; actions might come again (now supposed they lie low)....
23-5-2019 12:42 PM
Notdumb said:
Pls sink their AC!

Yes, please do. I haven't seen an AC sink in actual war yet.
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