Is Denmark Expensive To Visit? Get The Truth Here (I’m Danish)
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If you are researching how expensive Denmark is to visit, then I might be just the perfect person to give you a straight answer.

I have been living in Denmark my whole life, and I have traveled quite a lot, so I know how to compare Denmark to other countries.

Is Denmark Expensive to Visit? It is very expensive to visit Denmark for tourists. Denmark is ranked number 7 worldwide on the average cost of living index, and the capital city of Copenhagen is at number 19 in the list of most expensive cities to live in, and at number 13 of most expensive restaurants in the world

But does this make Denmark a bad place to visit? No, it’s not. Denmark has enormous amounts of tourism every year, despite the average rainy weather.

Let me take you on a guided tour, while I explain just why it is, that Denmark is so expensive to visit, and what the benefits of living in one of the most expensive countries in the world are.

Why is Denmark Expensive to Visit?

Denmark is expensive for several reasons. First Denmark is known to have one of the highest minimum wages worldwide. In comparison to a country such as the United States, the minimum wage would translate into 19.00 USD. That’s nearly double the minimum wage in the US.

Everything in Denmark compared to other countries is at higher rates. An example of this would even be Unionized workers in the construction field. When labor rates are much higher in a country, the cost of living is going to reflect that.

Also, taxi services, dining and the cost for services at parlors and salons are much steeper rates than other comparable countries.
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What Currency is Used in Denmark?

In Denmark, the currency used is the Danish Krone. The Danish Krone is abbreviated as DKK. Most local price tags in Denmark will display the Kr or DKR for the pricing on individual items. Denmark is also known to have no universal currency.

For general shopping purposes, you will want to have the Danish Krone handy, and you can also use major credit cards at many establishments in or surrounding Copenhagen. Beware, however, the fees for using these credits cards could be north of 3%, some places you don't pay the fee.

Can you use Euros in Denmark?

In Denmark, you will find that many establishments will display pricing in both the Euro and Danish Krone. You do need to keep in mind however since Euros are not the currency of Denmark, no establishment is required or obligated to accept this as a method of payment.

It’s best to have the Danish Krone available in case this situation does arise, but almost all shops and restaurants will accept euro.

But you might encounter problems with paying in cash.

Denmark is almost a cash-free society, everyone has credit/debit-cards or mobile payments, and many small boutique and newer shops will simply refuse to accept cash or at least bigger notes like 500 DKK or 100 Euro-bill.
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How Much Does Stuff Cost in Denmark?

How Much is a Pint in Denmark?

A pint in Denmark will depend on where you are located within Denmark. In Copenhagen, everything from alcohol to other goods and services is pricier. An average pint at a Copenhagen bar will run you around 50 DKK.

This is roughly 7.50 dollars the US. If you elect for stronger alcohol, the prices may be slightly above the average pint described previously.

How Much Does a Car Cost in Denmark?

Cars in Denmark are much more expensive than in other parts of the world. Part of this is due to a 100-150% tax that’s levied on vehicles when purchased. This 100-150% was introduced initially to discourage vehicles and individuals from driving.

This hasn’t really worked as planned. Vehicles in Denmark are still purchased at regular quantities due to the rise of the wages for workers. A very basic car in Denmark will run you around 100,000 DKK.

This equates to roughly 17,500.00 USD. Mid-size sedans such as Hondas may you north of 200,000 DKK up to 500,000 DKK. This translates into approximately 35,000 USD up to 85,000.00 USD.

A reasonably large increase compared to other countries.

How Much Does Gas cost in Denmark?

Gas is another commodity in Denmark that’s expensive. As far as global pricing on fuel, Denmark ranks #3 as the most expensive countries to purchase gasoline. In Denmark, the average price for a gallon of gas is about 6 USD.

This is nearly double the cost of gasoline in other countries.

How much does a Meal cost in Denmark?

As we discussed previously, dining in Denmark is expensive. Many families choose to pack lunches and eat at home due to the pricey meal options at most establishments.

Let’s assume you are eating with your family at a low-end restaurant. In this situation, you would be looking at roughly 150.00 USD or 1000 KR.

If, however you choose to take the wife and kids to a mid-range restaurant and have a 3-course meal, you could be looking at closer to 350.00 USD and 2300 Kr.

Deciding to travel to Denmark as a family can be done for cheaper. Plan meals and purchase groceries that you can pack cold lunches with or even prepare at your hotel.

What are the income taxes in Denmark?

The income taxes in Denmark are much different than other countries around the world. First off, in Denmark, your personal income tax is close 60.2% when accounting all taxes on goods aswell. This is usually applied to individuals making more than 55,000 per year.

In comparison, this is steeper and higher taxes than California in the United States. Again, unless you break down every area of cost of living and taxes, you can’t really judge.

Remember, Denmark is very safe and employs individuals at very high wages. It balances it out more than you may think.

What is the Minimum Wage in Denmark?

We touched on this previously when we touched on how expensive some items are in Denmark such as dining, hotels, and vehicles. Part of this is possible in Denmark because of the extremely high wages individuals enjoy.

In comparison to the United States, Denmark pays its employees and union workers nearly double the wages that others are offered in different countries.

To recap in case you missed it, if you compare the minimum wage to US dollars, you are looking at roughly 19.00 USD minimum wage in Denmark. Nearly double.
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