Is Ponggol safe to live ?
Normal air purifiers don't work for VOCs, just like N95 masks are also useless. You need at least P95 masks.
Safe from what?
I wud not feel comfortable staying there. Too close to our potential enemy and within the range of howitzer if fired from Pasir Gudang. Not enough buffer distance...... Laughing

Daikin has disclaimer in the pdf file. Better to read everything. They provide test results for the Daikin Streamer Technology, not solely the Air Purifier. This is not a HEPA filter system, so again another technology to compare and contrast.

Quote:Hazardous chemical substances that have been proven to be removed by Streamer Technology
  • Formaldehyde*[sup]2[/sup] Diesel exhaust particulates (DEP)
  • Hazardous chemical substances in exhaust gas: NOx, tetrachlorethylene, benzene, trichloroethylene, dichloroethane, dichloromethane, chloroform
  • VOC type hazardous chemical substances: iso-butanol, hexane, styrene, nonanoic acid, trimethyl benzene, xylene, naphthalene, ethyl benzene, toluene, ethyl acetate

Disclaimer by Daikin
Quote:This description relates to the Streamer Technology devised by Daikin, but not to this Air Purifier. Test results from use of the Streamer Technology are generated according to prescribed test methods conducted by Daikin. Although the Streamer Technology is contained within this Air Purifier, this does not mean that precisely the same results will be experienced using this Air Purifier. Actual results may differ depending on the conditions of product installation and use of the actual product, etc.
It's obvious to me.....the pollution and any projectile that comes from JB side....are not friendly or healthy.

Best don't live at Punggol. Even animals will migrate to elsewhere...than stay there.

Who time, landfill.

15-3-2019 9:29 AM
niubee said:
with absconded money, can treat yourself.... free !!! Laughing

WELL SAID Rolling on the flor laughing
NEA should also monitor the wind speed and direction as an additional precaution measure that this pollution could be deliberate from our ill neighbour who sees no further than Singapore. dunsee
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No wonder Ponggol HDB price drop the most !
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so bad ah?
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