Its time America needs a war somewhere in the world
Yafen Wang Bridgman (Yaya )

Every 10 years after it stays low, it’s time when America needs a war somewhere in the world, where the economic is booming and foreign investments are heavily absorbed.
When the war or chaos happens in that region, investors will withdraw their money from that region, creating a financial crisis there, meanwhile, US reserve bank will increase interest, attracting US dollar float back to US Investment market (debt, stock, futures), earning a huge profit for American capitalists.

Then those capitalists will use their profit to buy the quality assets at a bargain from those attacked regions.

Then the US index will reach its peak and stay strong for 6 years.

Then it repeats another round.

1979 Latin America debt crisis
Falklands war

1987 Japanese financial crisis,
1989 starts of Japanese lost decades
Toshiba event
Euro currency crisis
The Kosovo war

1997 Asian financial crisis (started from Thailand whose financial system was weakest in the region which is an easy target)
Russian debt Default
Territory dispute between China & Japan
Territory dispute between China & Philippine
Those disputes interfered the achievement of then progressing RCEP. (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership)

2008 it’s time China to be the target, unfortunately America had financial crisis in her own backyard.

2012 US trying on China again.
Territory dispute between China & Japan
Territory dispute between China & Philippine
Hong Kong Occupy Central Event
981 drilling platform dispute in South China Sea
Unfortunately no success from China again
No war happened in that region as wished
However US prepared both hands while they were trying to attack China
EU were the next target
2014 war in Ukraine
Forced many investments left Europe
However they didn’t float to US as they wished, in stead, they went to Hong Kong

Saddam wanted to trade oil by euro,
Got killed;
First thing US did after they took over Iraq, was to request oil to be traded in US dollar again.
Gaddafi wished to trade oil in gold currency,
Got killed.

Syria is in the middle of Russian backed oil pipeline (Iran -Iraq - Syria)
US backed pipeline (Qatar - Turkey )
Whoever controls Syria, whoever controls the dominating power of oil (not just about the oil itself but about use what currency to trade)
Assad is pro Russia therefore US needs to overthrow his government.

When Trump initially wanted to withdraw US army from Syria to save military spending, Saudi had frequent visits to US. EU also convinced Trump not to withdraw army in Syria. Trump obviously didn’t understand geopolitics then.
After that, Trump changed his policy from trying to withdraw troops to throwing bombs in Syria under an excuse of chemical weapons being used by Syria government.

Now back in Asia.
South China Sea
Hong Kong riots
US pass Tibet Act
Xinjiang Act
Trying to inflame China & India territory dispute

Venezuela has biggest oil reserve -
Invasion to Venezuela by US

Iran takes dominating power in the Middel East, and is pro Russia, an obstacle for US domination in the region -
Sanctions on Iran by US

Yemen is a backyard of Saudi, but they are anti -US, anti- Saudi, backed by Iran. -
War in Yemen.

War in the Middle East can also increase the price of oil, means more US dollar needed.

Now you know what I’m talking about.
US is the only country in the world who can profit from wars.

Human right?
All smoke & mirror.

It’s all about America’s livelihood:
The petrol dollar system
Means they only need to print this green note
The whole world use real thing to trade for that note and use that note to trade.
The whole world needs oil. If oil has to be traded in US dollar, it holds US dollar value, it decides the prices of oil, it controls the financial market, it dominates the world.

This is the biggest invention of money machine in 20th century after the crash of Bretton Woods system.

This made US capitalists losing interest on their real industry such as manufacturing, as investing on financial industry makes faster and bigger money.
So the American workers lost jobs,
As their capitalists moved manufacture to cheap labour countries such as China.
The whole nation lives on debt, on a shallow economic system, apart from its innovation industry and financial industry.

If the US dollar collapses, US collapses.
Oil is cheap as dirt now.
Are we expecting another oil crisis?
Assmerica = EVIL EMPIRE
Capitalism mah!

No war how their defence industry make money?

How to have kick backs to the TOP war mongers?
They just need to park a battleship in kuo siong... Big Grin
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Bye bye Kiss
2-8-2020 9:12 AM
TalkingStock said:

You censored Century's statement? Surprised
2-8-2020 1:41 AM
milo178 said:
Capitalism mah!

No war how their defence industry make money?

How to have kick backs to the TOP war mongers?

no wonder everyday got many hjzg want americun to attack china 058
Somewhere in the world..

... South China Sea
Serious doubt it will save their economy this time,
70% of Us0.a economy is consumer base, is peaked and in winding mode
and especially in this pandemic.
They need markets like the rest too...

After first gulf war, war cause more lose than gain.
Nevertheless may work as temporary distraction to underlying problems,
but crying wolf stories play too many times, its impact is also declined.
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