JOBSEEKER tells his Bad Experience at Govt Career Coaching and Portal..
9-1-2019 4:40 PM
Oops said:
Dear David

Agree with you at some point. I was also scolded 4 times in 6 mths when I pass by Bedok NTUC by the course advisor from @ASK Training with walkway booth at Bedok North Blk 205.

First time, my reply was I don't need the course ie Tech for Digital Age. Then she recommended MS Word. I said I am a Trainer and walked off.

Second time, walking back to the MRT station. She saw me and scolded me. "You trainer ? Like sh%t ".

2 mths later, her hatred was still intense and she saw me. I was just walking and she followed me and scolded me again. "You what trainer". Then she yell around very loudly, "EH! Everybody see. She is Trainer".

On my 6th month (DEc 2018) she purposely walked to the phone accessories shop and say very loudly- "She is a Tr and pointed - She is a Trainer!

4 Times, I got harassed by her. But under the stupid law, I need 7 times to make a police report against her. So, since its CNY shopping, I will make sure I get scolded 6th and 7th time this mth and make a police report.

I think the lady siao one...insane.
9-1-2019 8:48 PM
Oops said:
At least still some control over the lousy low end jobs because of levy and quota for Work permits.

But there is ZERO control of middle- end PM jobs because there is NO levy nor quota.

So for the past 7 years, the bottleneck is at the middle-age PM level that the useless Suay and Josephine Teo has failed again, to address and take action.

the foreign workforce already has complete dominance now.
the overwhelming majority of foreigners as compare to local in many fields and the lack of
job opportunities for local means the we are already finished. crucial skill cannot be
learned from books or just by listening.
100% thanks to all our brilliant millionaire ministers.
Nearly forgot

Case 2. Career Counsellor at Paya lebar

Advised the participant to take up the full course relevant to the job 12 years ago. 6 modules took about 6 mths and No Skills Future. Halfway of 6 mths, participant met up with a search consultant looking for a job. The Consultant fell off her chair!

Why did dumb WSQ ask participant to take up such a course? Already considered minimal recent job relevant experience ( because jobless for some years) and worse! No past relevant industry experience 12 years ago. Even with a certified course, so what?
Crazy Jac Lau having menopause like a dementia woman again?
5-1-2019 3:24 PM
hfourhappy said:
Dont think they can find any jobs....

The Current G do things without a purpose nor definite outcome.

So funny of them.
. . . . . {I love my country, does not mean I love the government party}
9-1-2019 10:14 AM
David Rasif said:
The govt wants to keep majority poor...because those who are rich had mostly and planning to migrate to a better country.

Digesting . . .

I cant see what u say but it makes sense to me now.

I agree that SG Govt wants to keep local poor while FTs rich. Just like making citizens do NS to protect FTs.

Coz when we are poor, we are at thieir mercy and will not voice out, dare not revolt and will not want to jeapardise our citizenship.

There is no where else poor like us can go because all other Developed Countries have a LOOONNNG string of criteria for PR.
. . . . . {I love my country, does not mean I love the government party}
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Thats their highest top most important environment to create. Make majority enough to get house on loan..keep cpf...while letting pockets of the rich and very rich aside in singapore too..why? So that it can instill hope of getting rich among the normal citizens( yea you slog by the rules..stick to my can be like the minority rich...) but never be that way...
The majority 90% must feed the 10% rich elite..
[Image: hh0JmiO.jpg]

So I understand why some youths rather drive Grab after graduation than grind their teeth at an entry-level job. Going by Grab’s income calculator, driving from 9am to 6pm on Monday to Friday would yield about S$1,015 per week. That’s S$4,060 per month.

The median salary in 2017 for a fresh polytechnic graduate stands at S$2,235 a month. Financially, it is a no-brainer to pick the job that pays more

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