Jackie Chan: I am the national flag guard! Wish HK back to peace
He had seen how several of his colleagues in the Hong Kong & PRC Movie Industry had their careers ruined by the Commie Govt. because they were perceived to be disloyal. They were Commiejians so he knows better to be an obedient Commie dog than to follow in their footsteps.


15-8-2019 3:10 AM
PervertoSan said:
this is the real kind of dog....only kowtow to money.

15-8-2019 12:08 AM
Interesting observation. In this thread, you see all the PRC Cheena Commie Hanjians support and sing the praises of a self-confessed serial adulterer and nasty jerk just because he is Pro China. Really need to inform Jackie Chan he should go ahead and r@pe 100 young virgin gals without any fear because PRC Cheena Commie Hanjians (lvlrsSTI, polanski, WhatDoYouThink, CHAOS, amata, Sentinel, niubee, Sand) will all stand by him and support his actions simply because he is Pro China thumbs up

15-8-2019 3:31 AM

Hello, LIAR! Bye
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