Jialat..anwar & muyhiddin given ultimatum by umno !
17 Oct 2020 | 5:33 PM
Umno denies viral letter supporting Anwar as PM
PETALING JAYA: A viral letter claiming that Umno has pledged the unwavering support of its 32 MPs for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s candidacy as prime minister has been dismissed as a fake.

Who speak the truth?
New PM only got two years term...new election later ....
simple for the king. just asked to speaker of parliament, called a motion of no confidence against the current PM ,in parliament. no need secret letters..

he survives, good. if PM failed, then the king can advise the next steps.
The political situation up north can be summarised in 3 things

#Umno is now the kingmaker who used Anwar as a lever to demand more favourable terms from PM Muhyidin in his Perikatan Nasional coalition, otherwise he face no confidence vote when parlimen convene for 2021 budget

#Dr Mahathir wants to become the 3rd force trying hard to remain relevant

#DAP is quite desperate to return to power going to the extent of wanting to work with Umno
Malaysia forever drama...... now showing session 3 Geek
Meeting with reporters after giving his statement to the Agong n been summoned to the police police stn on Friday,

Jialat...Mr Anwar criticised the men in blue for involving in politic in asking him for names n questions about the list of MPs said to be backing his bid to form a new govt.
This is typical of coalitions.
COMMENTARY, Oct 18 — If this were a cowboy movie, we could say that Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s band of wagons have formed a circle as the outlaws have them surrounded. Unfortunately for Muhyiddin, not only are his enemies “shooting” at him from the outside, he is also getting friendly fire...

18-10-2020 8:05 AM
Mark Koh said:
Malaysia forever drama...... now showing session 3 Geek

It should be season 3 rather than session 3........ notworthy thumbs up
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