Jialat hongkie protest happening.......photos here!
Mostly youths & teenagers. Easily persuaded & manipulated. The fact is that the bill will never affect 99.99% of these people in their lifetime.
12-6-2019 6:14 PM
EXBB said:
So many years under Ang moh and yet England beri bad

Laughing Laughing Laughing ......
12-6-2019 6:29 PM
EXBB said:
Then how come so many ah tiongs running out of china Thinking

Yr many is how many ? waiting
Market will depend on when the law is passed...
Three days later at weekend.
12-6-2019 6:12 PM
ysh02 said:
HSI today crashed nearly 500 points....tomorrow continue riot will drop more!!

Good what buying opportunity
U see our gov n spf too up... 200 ppls already cannot handle...

12-6-2019 8:26 PM
sukhoi35 said:
If happened in Singapore, all will be arrested and put in Changi.
The best protest Hong Kong ppls can do is all 1 million protesters go change their hkd to usd to break the peg.... each 1 change few k usd... hK GOV will panic already....
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