KBW buay tahan liao.. sending strong warnings to Msia if.........
he is minister in charge so when toy sampan intrude into adek pond he must attend so bopian better tell abang not to kachiau adek otherwise wait adek kee siau get pinkie to strip then the abang no time to cover face..
7-12-2018 7:13 AM
sukhoi35 said:
Half of Govt services shut down..
NTUC members lost 70% union fee
MOM 90% worker levy disappeared overnight
ICA custom lost whole entire revenue collection
70% food court stall closed down
Property market collapsed
MNCs management relocating to else where
30% bank employees disappeared

400k looking for jobs in mudland Laughing

indian temple give them hell
400k will give wat? Laughing
The history text book. Once upon a time, there live a boy named Mahathir. He was born to the family of Mohamad bin Iskandar Kutty, a man of Keralan descent.

...He is best known for his Crooked Bridge.

7-12-2018 10:41 AM
menghuii said:
kbw also came fr neighbour why he cant understand madhaters thinking. i can understand leh. i know what their oldman is thinking leh..

He understand but act blur. Don't want to offend his own country men mah
nobody needs to give a fark to what the old fark think
just follow law
suka suka change law change border, then face the consequence
how cum vivin and ah hen not making noise?
i look fwd to kbw donning camouflage uniform
a gpmg also can take down dr m. thats why ahjeep also kenna ko. his first premiership was great. his second is beyond anyone's imagination. try to spun a tale abt him is just as futile like trying to pray he uplorry asap. he will continue to say anything including rotaning sinkii and their people will still believe he is all for the country!..period
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