Khaw Boon Wan: We are returning footpath safety to pre-PMD days
9-11-2019 8:17 AM
Alice Alicia said:
[Image: eLOoASN.gif]
[Image: pWnFuEl.gif]

walaneh! shock
Bro, sorry lah! Worried
Everyone out to bathe in limelight.
9-11-2019 8:54 AM
walaneh said:
walaneh! Big Grin
Bro, 马后炮是死棋绝招啊! thumbs upWinking
必死无疑 sure die one lah! 245

别断章取义。 127fs4573872
9-11-2019 9:05 AM
walaneh said:
walaneh! shock
Bro, that's to sell off their devices and change jobs lah! Worried
You don't think so meh? Thinking

No lah.
Giving them new devices in exchange for old onrd
Neighbourhood footpath belong to the people!
What rights have you to take the safety away in the first place!

And denying safety problems for months when approached by citizen. Pushing away responsibility until serious injury and mortality accident case happened.

Now conveniently returning safety to neighbourhood? No apologise or punish for wrong doing?...
So the accident victims are currently paying the price for your taking away footpath safety? clap
Foot paths are for foot mah
[Image: lXmVyl5.jpg]
Put on your mask it’s compulsory!
Sack the entire LTA team la! Still sitting in office collecting overpriced salary yet not out to check all the flaws that needs to improve! Simple issue solve ,can avoid ugly issue surface!
9-11-2019 10:09 AM
Lukongsimi said:
Foot paths are for foot mah

if 1/2 of these pmds change to manual bikes, footpath is still not safe..

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well done. kudos to the job well done.

the ban is required since there is no other way to police pmd usage on footpaths. no insurance also to cover such usage, and, finally no more deaths from such pmd accidents anymore on the footpath.
One way to continue using pmd on footpath:

Remove batt & motor make it a cool looking kickscooter

And when gov build more pmd tracks later, fix'em back
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