LED light can damage eyes
Definitely affects eye sight...given brightness.

Question is how much it affects and long term effects.
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Then wear a pair of sun glasses when you use the lights. My dentist always gave me a pair of dark glasses before switching on the drilling lights above my face. But still I think the LED is safer than sunlight which radiates killer UV rays......... Laughing

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Now and then, we have to relax our eye sight.
Heng I still have fluorescent and halogen lightings...
Have been thinking of how to change to those LED tubes instead of fluorescent tubes. Those LED bulbs sold also have fluorescent casings and are quite expensive.
the campaign probably sponsored by blue light lens maker..
relax eyes, go see upskirts
16-5-2019 10:51 AM
river said:
relax eyes, go see upskirts

see upskirt quite stressful for eyes coz quite dark... u need to look far... for eg... ur opp block see got pple changing or not..

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