LSW- LEE sian long has no shame
22-11-2020 8:33 PM
Ola said:
I still want to know WHO agreed/ approved to promote District Judge Olivia after she messed up Parti's case?

24-11-2020 6:59 AM
Blin said:
Free consultations? thumbs up QE3 is a patriot lah.
"old man best" .

You could say forum denizens on both sides of the political divide are, for the most part, patriotic. Both groups of partisans are very one-sided and don’t see eye to eye on most issues, but no one can question their patriotism.

Whatever their own kind says, they will nod in agreement, but they will disagree with the views articulated by members of the opposing camp, however logical or persuasive they may be. Which camp are you in?
23-11-2020 9:03 AM
Migrant said:
The way i see LKY and Dr. M.
LKY probably had no will to go on after he lost his wife. He wasnt quite himself after that.
Dr. M still having a loving wife, one of good humour. On top of that, she is a Dr. herself.
Your other half is very important.

With the exception of perhaps his family members, none of us know every cranny of LKY’s life. We can only conjecture and can perhaps gain some snippets of info on the Net.

What little I know about LKY, his whole world did not turn upside down when his wife died. Although he might have become more withdrawn after his wife’s demise, he certainly showed no sign of losing his mental faculties until the day he gave up the ghost.

Had his wife lived on, the fate of their Oxley house might have been sealed with an ironclad will instead of continuing to hang in the balance with an ambiguous will that has led to infighting among their children. His significant other would have played a major role in deciding about their house’s fate. In a situation that required some difficult decision-making, the proverbial two heads are better than one. thumbs up
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23-11-2020 10:31 PM
bloom said:
LauLee became cronky in the last few years of his life?

Confused Confused Confused
22-11-2020 2:27 PM
gemstar said:
In most cases, only bad and rotten eggs wil stay behind.

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